Therapist Thoughts

Cultural considerations are receiving increasing attention where we find ourselves in a pluralistic society, where people formed numerous different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

As I reflect deeply upon the call of leadership in groups, a sense of uncertainty and ambiguity overwhelms me. Do I think from the traditional perspective of leadership, where its essence lies in its ability to have one or more followers?
Bandura’s notion that learning can occur through observation or example rather than solely by direct reinforcement, although he does not deny the importance of direct reinforcement as a way to influence behaviors.

My wife and I were having a conversation when she revealed to me about her disgust for certain character and personality. 

was in Bangkok with a few friends and we were shopping at the famous Chatchuchak market. In my usual playful and mischievous self, I was urging my friends to buy whatever they were holding and whatever that grabs their attention, from bags to belts, to coconut ice-cream to clothes.

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