Therapist Thoughts

Erik Erikson proposes that at age 65 onwards, a person's psychosocial developmental stage would be that of ego integrity versus despair and the existential question for them would be "Is it ok to have been me?

Taken from one of the 48 evocative watercolor cards in Shadows & Deeper Shadows. Shadows is a tool designed to explore some of the parts of ourselves that we often struggle to talk, or even think about. 

Nothing can be compared to a parent's love. When our child was born, all that we ever wish for at that moment was a healthy baby. That's all that matters. We would give everything within our power and means to nurture, to love, to care, to provide and to sacrifice.

One of the basic structure that sustains a marriage is communication. Whenever a couple enters into my therapy room, the starting statement would often be "I don't know how to communicate with him", or "we have a communication breakdown"......

I have a good friend who takes the trouble to send out birthday greetings, and even does further by reminding the rest of the friends about others birthdays. 

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