Therapist Thoughts






National Kidney Foundation Advocates' Appreciation Lunch @ NKF Headquarters

Self Esteem Talk @ PSB

Empolyees Counselling @ Lee Kong Chiang School of Medicine



  • Five Love Languages of Children @ Qihua Primary School
  • Anger and Conflict Management @ Sunrice

  • Enchancing Positive Relationships at the WorkPlace @ JMPS / CSI

  • Sucide Postvention Skills Workshop 

  • Enhancing Positive Relationships at the WorkPlace @ Exion Asia / Encord

  • Winning with Teenagers @ Bendemeer Secondary School

  • Emotional Quotient @ Mott Macdonald

  • Personality Profiling @ PSB Academy

  • Suicide Intervention Skills Workshop

  • Assertive Communication @ Exion Asia / Encord

  • Ehancing Positive Telationship at the Work Place @ SWTS / PON

  • Assertive Communication @ JMPS / CSI

  • Five languages of love for teenagers @ Bukit Batok Sec School

  • Speaker for MDIS Psychology Day

  •  Certificate of Completion - Transactional Analysis by The International Transactionnal Analysis Association

  •  Cultivating A Resilient Mind @ Nuture Pod

  • Stress Management Talk @ ID21
  • Understanding Teens & Their Behaviour @ Mayflower Secondary School

  • Stress Management Talk @ Enxion Encorn

  • Stress Management Talk @ SWTF/PON
  • Cultivating A Resilient Mind @ WRX Engineering
  • Stress Management Talk @ JPMS CSI

  • Anger Management for Parents @ SikhTemple

  • Employee Counselling Workshop @ Singapore's National Technology University - Lee Kong Chiang School of Medicine

  • Consulted by THE NEWPAPER - MARRIED BUT AVAILABLE (Read full articel here)

  •  Enhancing Positive Relationship At WorkPlace @ ID21

  •   Employee Counselling Workshop @ Singapore's National Technology University - Lee Kong Chiang School of Medicine

  • Understanding Challenges Faced By Teens @ Greenridge Secondary School



  • Stress Management Talk for Singapore Prison's Staff

  •  Consulted by THE NEWPAPER (Read full articel here)
 Certified Addiction Consellor by Association of Professionals Specialising in Addiction Counselling

  •  Esstential Living @ Anglo American

  •  Anger & Conflict Management @ Wago Electronic Pte Ltd

  1.  Sharpening Mediation Skills & Techniques by Community Mediation Centre

  • Harmonious Family Talk @ Sikh Temple

  • Grief & loss Talk @ Immigration Checkpoint Authority 
  • Enhancing positive relationship with family members @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic

  • Managing emotions @ Sikh Temple

  • Teens & stress @ Greenridge Secondary School

  •   The International Transactional Analysis Association, 2015 Conference by ITAA and FTAA in Sydney, Australia

  • Living with Volcanoes @ Juying Secondary School

  • Abnormal Psychology @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  •   Essential for optimal living & work life  @ Lubrizol Southeast Asia PL
  • Stress management @ Mott Macdonald PL
  •  Certificate of Appreciation from Assumption University of Thailand as Gues Speaker for GROUP COUNSELLING Seminar held on 13 June 2015

  •  Counselling for Critically-ill patients @ National Kidney Foundation

  •  Mastering the balance between work & life @ BHP Billion

  •  Stress Management @ Erco Lighting
  • Balancing Love & Control @ Choa Chu Kang Seconday School


  • Essent Certificate of Attendnace for Couple Communication I ~ Instructor Training Workshop

Essential for Optimal Living @ Sunrice Global Chef Academy
  • Certificate of Appreciation from ACC School of Counselling & Psychology

  • Working Parents -Breaking Free from Gulit @ Goldman Sach

  •  NKF Chiinese New Year Celebration with Patients @ National Kidney Foundation Head Quarters
  •  The Heart of Love @ Republoc Polytechnic

  •  Inter-generation : Building Harmonious Family @ Alpha Investments

  •  Emotion Management Talk @ KK Women's and Children's Hospital

  •  Thriving Inspite of Change @ GE



  •  Counselling for terminally-ill patients @ National Kidney Foundation
  •  Bending instead of breaking @ Ministry of Health
  •  Appointment as a CMC Mediator with the Ministry of Law - Certificate of Appointment by Senior Minister for Law & Education, Ms Inranee Rajah
  •  Managing Boundaries & Multiple Relationship in therapy @ Psychology Faculty, Assumption University, Thailand
  •  Work-Life Balance @ Johnson & Johnson, Asia Pacific Regulatory Affairs Annual Meeting 2014, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

  •  Effective WorkPlace Counselling @ Land Transport Authority

New Image

  •  Team Building Workshop @ General Electric Oil & Gas


  •  Creative ways of dealing with people @ Dow Jones


KwanYamTheng 31 Aug 2014 Conflict Management 1

  •   Winning with teens @ Choa Chu Kang Secondary School

  •   Family Resilience at Downtimes @ Wing Tai Asia
Family Resilience At Downtimes 4

  •   Effective communications for better relationship @ Nanyang Polytechnic

Effective Comm

  •   Building resilience in our family @ Rulang Primary School

Bldg resillience in our family

  •   Motivating yourself when things don't go your way @ General Electric

Motivating yourself

  •   Abnormal Psychology @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Abnormal Psy Ngee Ann Poly

  •   Crisis Intervention @ Jakarta, Indonesia

Crisis Intervention

  •   Group Session with parents on anger management @ Fuchun Secondary School

group session

  •   Employee Counselling @ Lee Kong Chian, School of Medicine, Singapore Management University

Employee Counselling

  •   How to talk so that kids listen organised by Careworks Community Services @ Bukit Batok PCS Childcare Centre

How to talk so talk your kids listen 1

Council of third age

  •   Building Resilience in challenging times @ Credit Swiss

Building resilenec in challenging times

  •   Creative ways of dealing with difficult people @ General Electric

Creative ways of dealing with difficult people

  •   Stress Management @ Republic Polytechnic

stress mgt

  •   Self confidence in communications @ Capital International
self confidence
  • Certified Addiction Counsellor Training Course
  • Anger & Conflict Management @ Wago Electronic Pte Ltd
  • Sharpening mediation skills & techniques @ Community Mediation Centre
  • Harmonious family talk @ Sikh Temple
  •   Coaching session on dealing with teens @ REACH Family Service Centre (FSC) Parenting Group
Coaching Session on Dealing with Teens Reach FSC_Parenting Group
  •   Assertive Communication @ General Electric Global Human Resources Managers
Ass Comm
  •   Stress Management @ Avia Ltd
  •   Worklife Balance @General Electric (GEASO)
GE 1
  •   Loving Work, Living Life @ Unity NTUC Healthcare
Loving Wk Living Life


  •   Group Therapy @ Psychology Faculty, Assumption University, Thailand

group therapy

  •   Living with volcano @ Greenridge Secondary School


  •   Managing conflicts at the workplace @ Singapore Prisons Emergency Action Response

Managing Conflict in the WorkPlace

  •   Maximising your child's learning potential @ Entrepreneur's Organization (Indonesia), Jakarta, Indonesia (photos courtesy of organiser)

child-profiling 00

child-profiling 000

 child-profiling 0000

  •   Master Solution-Focused Practitioner ~ awarded by International Alliance of Solution-Focused Teaching Institutes
Master Solution-Focused Cert small
  •   Parenting teens successfully @ Holy Innocent High

Parenting Teens Successfully

  •   With volunteers at NKF Lunar New Year Celebrations @ National Kidney Foundation

NKF Lunar New Year 2014 Celebration




  •   Interview with Sanoga Magazine, Thailand


  •   Private sharing session with senior management on the importance of employee engagement @ GP Group (Bangkok)

GP Group stitch

  •   Counselling Skills for HR & non-HR people @ Bayview Hotel Singapore

People Plus

  •   Key note speaker for Human Dynamics (Thailand) @ Eastin Grand Hotel, Bangkok Sathorn, People management excellence seminar, Psychological Tools to Engage Your Employees

Human Dynamic

  •   Bangkok Post
Bangkok Post
  •   Long Service Award conferred by Nation Council of Social Services on International Volunteer Day in recognition for 5 years of community services
International V
  •   Parenting talk on stress management @ Choa Chu Kang Secondary School
Stress Mgt
  •   Counselling methods workshop @ Menara Kuningan, Indonesia
  •   National Kidney Foundation Volunteer Committee ~ giving a new coat of paint to one of NKF's beneficiary's home
  •   Parenting talk on anger management @ Holy Innocent
Anger Mgt




  •   Administering DISC during the Leadership Camp @ Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Chula Leadership Camp
  •   Experiencing critical thinking for lecturers from the faculty of pharmaceutical science @ Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
 Critical Thinking
  •   Chula Leadership Camp Facilitator Course, Facilitate to make a difference @ Chulalingkorn University, Thailand
Chuala 101